Militær profesjonsetikk

Theirs not to make comply; Theirs not to reson why; Theirs but to do and die Ovenstående linjer er hentet fra Alfred Tennysons dikt Charge of the Light Brigade – i sin tid motto for det amerikanske militærakademiet West Point. Det profesjonsidealet som kommer til uttrykk her, er særdeles tydelig. Det er lydighet – ja mange vil […]

International Military Ethics Symposium*

* Opening Address at the International Military Ethics Symposium at the Royal Norewegian Air Force Academy 25th November 1999. Honoured guests – ladies and gentlemen. It is a great pleasure for me to be present here today on this International Military Ethics Symposium and give this opening address to such a distinguished audience at the […]

Ethical Challenges For The Military Profession

Fashionable, but more than Fashion Ethics, values, morale are «in». No institute is without its seminars, theologians have found new engagements as industrial advisers, industries are producing their checklists, and religious groups and churches feverishly strive to adjust inherited interpretations to the contemporary world. Being fashionable, ethics are often presented and sold as fashion, an […]

The International Law Imperatives on the Military Ethics

1. Introduction Generals, ladies and gentlemen, I have been asked to speak at this symposium on «The International Law Imperatives on the Military ethic», which I shall do. But it is not as simple as that. The picture will be incomplete unless we include other aspects of the relation between these entities, asking ourselves questions […]